Jo Kent

Salon Owner


Star sign: Sagittarius
Lucky Number: 7
My role at Jo Blu: Director/Owner
Favourite food: Sunday roast
Most used word/phrase: ”Are you ok?”
What do you fear most? Deep Water
Favourite Item: My Scissors of course
When i was little i wanted to be… an Art Teacher or an Astronaut
What are you interested in other then hairdressing? Space and Spiritual awareness
Favorite Drink: Mojito

Jo has been in the hair industry over 20 years. She has worked and taught both cutting and coloring in world class salons. Jo is well known and respected for her personalized coloring technique and truly is a colour genius. Jo enjoys working in her own salon environment (she loves her clients) as well as photoshoots,TV and film. Jo is a specialist in hair extensions and recently created new heads of hair using hair extensions for filming. Jo is also a Nioxin specialist.

A Skilfull Stylist thrives on creativity, fun and attention to detail. A happy salon depends on an excellent team, and each personality brings something special to the mix.